April 7, 2014

Yoga and Diversity Documentary

I was honoured to be invited to participate in a documentary created by EK Park and Greg Mount of Global Mind Body last year.  This film is continuing a much needed conversation about diversity in the yoga community, particularly around race, class and gender.  You can watch part one here.

The second segment looks at Gender and Sexual Identity in western yoga.  Despite my extreme camera/interview shyness you'll find me and a few lovely students I've worked with, along with some other great folks.

The 3rd part looks at size and body image in yoga.  This incredible segment can be watched here.

And the conclusion to Global Mind Body's documentary on race and yoga can be viewed at the below link.  Enjoy!


pwyc yoga, for students and the community

Our new term is upon us!  I'd like to take this opportunity to explain my ongoing drop-in policy.  Once our class is running if/when there are drop-in spots available (ie. student absence, or ongoing available spot) I offer pay-what-you-can spots on those dates.  Each term we choose a different organization or project to donate 100% of these proceeds to.  The January-March term raised funds for Idle No More.

I sent out a request recently asking for suggestions for the upcoming term, and this was the response:

The drop-in fees from the spring and summer terms will be split between the two.

To help raise moolah for these great organizations please let me know when you'll be absent, as you know, so I can advertise a drop-in spot for that date.  And also feel free to share drop-in dates with any folks in your life you think might be interested in some yoga in a pwyc capacity.  There are 2 spots available April 15 & 22.