February 21, 2010

Sunshine In February

After a mild winter beach stroll soaking up the golden rays I can appreciate why there is a whole series of poses dedicated to the sun, in fact many versions of this.  We spend months of short dark days curling the body in on itself, energy slow and subdued.  When the sun returns we want to lift our faces towards it, roll back our shoulders stretching ourselves towards the sun.  This feeling reminds me of a plant lifting itself up as close to the sunny window as it can (heliotropism), or a cat in the spring rolling & purring blissfully in a patch of sunlight.

February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I'm thinking about the connection between our palms and heart.  There are energy centers in our palms that correspond with our heart chakra.  Think about the way you express yourself with your hands - reaching out to comfort a friend, illustrating your emotions with your hands when talking, or throwing up a "talk to the hand" block.  Think of all the healing practices that involve the use of hands.  One of my favorite practices (learned from my teacher Felicia) is to lay back with my arms resting wide open, palms facing up and visualizing my inhale coming in through my palms, moving up my arms, and flowing into my heart.  When I exhale I send my heart breath throughout the rest of my body, or to any parts that need extra support and love that day.  If you're visual  you can imagine this moving breath and energy being a beautiful emerald green (colour of the heart chakra) or whatever colour or image comes to you naturally.  The reverse is to send that energy from the heart, down the arms and out through your hands creating something beautiful.

February 9, 2010

Yogathon for Schizophrenia

An important aspect of my yoga practice is working within the community. Currently I am raising money to participate in the Yogathon for Schizophrenia coming up on March 6th. If you would like to sponsor me, or participate in the event yourself here is more info my.e2rm.com/personalPage.aspx?SID=2445443

February 8, 2010

Gemini on the Mat

As a gemini practioner I love working with different teachers and styles of practice. They offer creative sequencing, new places to breathe into, and fresh ways of strengthening my practice. The gems I seek come in simple forms, translate easily into practice and instruction, and can be carried with you where ever you go.  Today I was introduced to kicking donkey and mermaid. If you're looking for a vigorous pranayama: hara breath (inhale through the nostrils, exhale "ha" through mouth) linked with energizing movement kicking donkey may just the animal pose you've been waiting for. The mermaid is a sweet addition to a prone practice of backbending/core strengthening - an interlude strengthening your side body with your head comfortably resting in your palm.

February 2, 2010

snaggle tooth tiger

My dog is the best yoga teacher I have had the pleasure of knowing. Not only does he move through upward dog, downward dog and frog pose with an unparalelled grace - he lives moment to moment, breath by breath, using all of his senses, and taking life as it comes.