June 26, 2013

Sweet, sweet holiday time

Hi ya folks,
I'm closing in on my last few days of city life and work.  For the month of July I will be on holidays; enjoying my favourite lake and the plants and creatures surrounding it, kayaking with my dog, swimming with my daughter, scrabble playing with my partner, eating yummy food, and enjoying the change of pace this holiday allows me.  I am so grateful for every visit I get to this place, and try to never take it for granted.

 This last term my fellow queer & trans yogis and I explored developing a home practice.  I think folks expect that instructors have a highly developed version of this.  I'm here to share that this is not the case for me.  I have a very intermittent, informal home practice.  I love it when I do it, miss it when I don't.  Sometimes I just can't get myself to the mat, and I struggle with feeling bad about it.  So my holiday goal (in addition to above mentioned activities) is to make it to the mat more often, and when I don't to enjoy whatever it is that I'm doing instead (most likely marvelling at the intricacies of the Canadian Shield).

I still have a few spots available for the August Queer & Trans yoga series (see below post for info).  If you would like to participate drop me a line at yoga_hd@hotmail.com and keep in mind that I may be slow to respond due to lack of computer as part of holiday strategy.

Happy pride to those of you that celebrate, either in the streets, or in your hearts.  Hope to see you in August. xo