June 24, 2015

Self-Care Summer!

Hi ya yoga pals,
This summer I am planning some holiday time, as well as some coop time at an organic farm in Prince Edward County, which means a reduction in yoga offerings.  I've decided to jazz things up a bit and offer a few special yoga nights while I am in town, and I really hope you can join me!  As always, these classes are LGBTQ positive spaces.  The Queer & Trans weekly yoga classes will return September 15th (more on that soon).  Happy pride, and happy summer to you all!

Summer Self-Care (yoga) Sessions

Treat yourself to one or both of these self-care-tastic yoga nights in August.
Sessions will include restorative yoga, self-foot massage, and yoga nidra. Each of the practices are explained below. Space is limited to 8 students per night.

Dates: Thursdays August 6th and 13th
Time: 6:30-8p.m
Location: The Centering Space, 59 Cambridge Avenue (Broadview & Danforth)
Cost: $22.50 each or $40 for both, sliding scale spots available
Registration: email me yoga_hd@hotmail.com to reserve a spot. Payment is due upon registration via e-transfer or cheque.

Restorative Yoga Practice – Yoga poses (laying or seated) that are held for 5-15 minutes and are supported by blocks, blankets, bolsters and other props. Designed to maximize comfort and allow practitioners to fully let go. Poses help to stimulate reflexes that quiet the brain and heart and encourage mindfulness.

Self Massage (Abhyanga) – We will focus on the feet. Oils provided, use optional. Benefits include:
  • increases circulation
  • calming for the nerves
  • lubrication of the joints
  • softer, smoother skin
  • deeper sleep at night (when done at bedtime)

Yoga Nidra (sleep of integration) – A guided meditation, all you need to do is get comfortable and listen. Benefits include:
  • reduces effects of stress on the body-mind
  • induces the body's relaxation response
  • teaches us to focus and quiet the mind through attention, concentration and intention
  • restoration and integration of the body-mind and spirit
  • improves the quality or our sleep